Bitcoin crypto mining Forget God of War: Crash Bandicoot Is the PS5 Exclusive Sony Must Reveal Today

Bitcoin crypto mining Forget God of War: Crash Bandicoot Is the PS5 Exclusive Sony Must Reveal Today

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  • Contemporary Wreck Bandicoot games agree with been the enviornment of hypothesis for the past 300 and sixty five days.
  • Many followers rely on a brand current sport to be printed at at the current time’s PS5 event.
  • If Sony is wise, they’ll use Wreck nostalgia as a selling level for their subsequent-gen console.

The PlayStation 5 (PS5) “prove” event is mere hours away, and hypothesis continues to rage about how worthy of the console we’ll get to search spherical for – and what games Sony will squawk. With all due appreciate to God of War, I’m most enraged about a undeniable franchise: Wreck Bandicoot.

There agree with already been rumors that the orange marsupial shall be returning to console soon. And a brand current merch leak suggests things are about to slouch off for Wreck followers in an limitless manner.


All signs prove a brand current Wreck Bandicoot sport featuring prominently in at the current time’s PS5 event. If it doesn’t, it’ll be exhausting to search spherical for it as anything else but a uncared for opportunity for Sony.

Bitcoin crypto mining Wreck Bandicoot Is a PlayStation Icon

For cynical gaming executives, nostalgia procedure one factor for the time being: extensive bucks.

And you don’t even must leer past Wreck Bandicoot for proof. The N.Sane Trilogy sold over 10 million copies. That’s bigger than a quarter of what the total series had sold earlier than its “comeback.”

crash bandicoot playstationcrash bandicoot playstation
Wreck Bandicoot nostalgia shall be a finest selling level for the PS5. | Source: Pe3k/

That’s proof adequate that Wreck Bandicoot is a conventional – and profitable – IP. And pondering that the franchise bought its originate with PlayStation, Sony would ought to be enraged to not leverage that nostalgia on the eve of the following console generation.

There’s motive to mediate that’s exactly what Sony plans to be pleased. On a pair of of the leaked merch listings, the “License” field reads “PlayStation.” Either here’s a typo, or Sony has made a huge tackle Activision.

It wouldn’t be that worthy of a shock. Despite the entirety, Sony has already been the usage of Wreck prominently in PS4 promotional campaigns admire this one:

Bitcoin crypto mining The PS5 Would possibly perchance perchance well Win a Gigantic Victory Here

If that “PlayStation” label on the leaked Wreck Bandicoot merch listings is shining – and procedure what we mediate it does – then it might perchance probably also signal an limitless coup for Sony.

Timed exclusivity provides agree with worked wonders for them within the past. Pulling out an limitless one for a label-current Wreck sport shall be mammoth.

Banking on nostalgia is nearly repeatedly a guaranteed clutch. Reminding other folks of the heady days of the PS1 delivery might also actually be to Sony’s advantage. Especially if they can tie it in with bigger than only a brand current Wreck Bandicoot sport to boot.

Despite the entirety, we aloof don’t agree with any belief what form of editions of the PS5 itself we’ll look for hit the cupboards. One other PS1 themed console would potentially be a vastly tempting provide for longtime followers. Especially if they can equipment a typical Wreck Bandicoot title in with the console itself.

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