Bitcoin crypto mining Ellen DeGeneres Is Getting Exactly What She Deserves

Bitcoin crypto mining Ellen DeGeneres Is Getting Exactly What She Deserves

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  • Ellen DeGeneres recently announced that she would “end dancing” so she can be able to get in social justice causes.
  • Don’t in actuality feel sorry for her.
  • To connect it merely: it’s what she deserves.

Ellen DeGeneres is getting her gorgeous muffins.

The “Finding Dory” actress and talk order host is at ideal experiencing the rotund fallout of her years of terrible therapy of each and each staff and fellow Hollywood residents, and she doesn’t fancy it one bit.

Nevertheless inasmuch as she also can not fancy having to address the fallout of her actions, it’s a fallout that’s properly deserved.

Bitcoin crypto mining Are We Presupposed to In actuality feel Sorry for Ellen DeGeneres For Not Dancing?

In a most modern Instagram submit, Ellen DeGeneres tearfully recounted how she worn to be is named “the dancing lady,” but prefers to now spend her platform as an “agent of switch.”

I’ve tried to make spend of my platform to raise consciousness on utterly different considerations over time. I fancy to deem I’m doing my finest, but I deem it’s time that we now deserve to imagine out ourselves and we now deserve to claim we now receive not performed ample. I receive to be taught to be a a lot bigger particular person, the style to attain better. I modified into the dancing lady for a immediate while and now I receive to attend educate my viewers. I receive to educate myself.

This would all be very touching if she didn’t receive a most modern historic previous of being unpleasant in a lot of ways.

A most modern viral Twitter thread detailed the myriad of ways that Ellen DeGeneres modified into injurious to each and each the other folks that worked for her and the other folks that worked in positions she deemed “beneath” her.

Those within the industry are properly attentive to her recognition of kissing up to celebrities — till it backfires on her, because it did with Dakota Johnson.

When she modified into known as out for her behavior, she tried to play the sufferer — and when that didn’t work, she pretended to be a “nice man” for the cameras.

Recently, she tried to faux to care about the jam of shaded other folks within the US and pulled an “All Lives Topic” within the device.

She later deleted the tweet after she modified into known as out for its tone-deafness, and tried to claim she entirely stands with #BlackLivesMatter — but it rang hollow.

Bitcoin crypto mining The Cracks Are Initiating to Develop – And the Facade Is Going to Break

So forgive us if we deem Ellen DeGeneres’ most modern stunt is gorgeous that: a stunt to gather wait on into the just true graces of the final public who at ideal sees her for what she in actuality is.


And while her ideal fans argue that she’s “generous” because she gave away items and money on her order, they fail to sign that this money didn’t advance out of DeGeneres’ pocket — it came courtesy of corporate sponsors.

And “winners” deserve to pay taxes on the worth of the products they get. Some “generosity,” true?

It’s terrible when somebody’s career falls aside. Such, too, is the character of the Hollywood game — success is accessible in crests and waves, and curiously, she’s on a crest straight away.

Nevertheless infected by that Ellen DeGeneres is a smartly-known anti-feminist egomaniac who has been when put next to Harvey Weinstein, her drop from grace is each and each properly earned and properly deserved.

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