back First Look: SRAM’s New GX Drivetrain Offers 520% Range

back First Look: SRAM’s New GX Drivetrain Offers 520% Range

If you happen to are slightly of a tech dork address me, you likely accumulate more livid by the latest dream-noteworthy drivetrain than by the arrangement in which more frequent mid-diploma stuff. It is now no longer our fault, though, with the supreme tech, the most weight-saving functions, and likely a speed of carbon or titanium serving us irresistible bait for without distress distracted gearheads in each set aside. Despite this, we’re all aware that the price-to-efficiency ratio doesn’t heed so a lot of sense, critically so if we’re talking drivetrains. And provided that there are a ways more mid-diploma than dentist-noteworthy bikes on the paths, we ought to nonetheless be paying more attention to the drivetrains that come on them.

GX Eagle Growth Facts
• 10-52-enamel Eagle Growth cassette
• Novel GX derailleur
• Novel GX carbon fiber cranks
• As a lot as this level graphics
• MSRP: $545 USD (w/ alloy cranks)
• More files:

The latest GX Eagle 12-tempo drivetrain retails for $545 USD and involves an ‘Eagle Growth’ cassette with a huge 52-enamel substantial cog that offers a 520-percent range. It is additionally a huge deal for SRAM.

A Nearer Gape at GX Eagle Growth

Cassette: The GX neighborhood’s largest update, literally, is the 52-enamel substantial cog that’s suited for the again of the cassette. With the same 10-enamel diminutive cog on the different cease, the contemporary ‘Eagle Growth’ cassette has a 520-percent range. That’s 20-share-points more range than the current Eagle 10-50-enamel unit, clearly, and would possibly presumably merely present a stump-pulling low equipment. With the exception of the pie plate on the again, the remaining of the GX cassette remains unchanged. Which arrangement it be made using their Elephantine-Pin construction that sees stainless pins again the foremost eleven steel cogs collectively, with the largest being aluminum.

The Eagle Growth cassette suits the same XD driver, and weighs 452-grams. That’s supreme 4-grams greater than the 10-50 GX cassette (attributable to the upper cog), and the $215 USD designate mark is unchanged. Also, Eagle Growth is an addition, now no longer a replacement, so SRAM will continue to present its current 10-50 Eagle cassettes, however your outdated GX derailleur would possibly presumably also merely now no longer play good with the Eagle Growth. More on that subsequent.

Rear Derailleur: If you happen to are thinking that the outdated GX derailleur looks loads address the contemporary GX derailleur with a nicer attain, you are now no longer irascible, however there are just a few critical variations between the 2.

First, let’s talk about compatibility. The contemporary GX derailleur will get a parallelogram that’s slightly longer than what’s venerable on the old version, an update required in inform that it would possibly presumably play good with that 52-enamel cog. Its predecessor’s parallelogram is shorter and while this can sorta work with the Eagle Growth cassette, SRAM says they’d rather you did no longer pair the 2.

Which arrangement that a 10-52-enamel Eagle Growth cassette requires the contemporary derailleur, however the contemporary derailleur is backward-smartly suited with current 10-50 Eagle gearing.

More adjustments: SRAM says that they’ve additionally elevated the quantity of chain wrap – how worthy of the chain is engaged with the cog – by provocative the internet online page of the upper offset pulley wheel. That is asserted to present a enhance to both transferring and retention, as does the uprated spring and pivot hardware when put next to the old GX derailleur.

The contemporary GX derailleur weighs 299-grams on my scale, 3-grams greater than the outdated one on the same scale, and the retail designate is unchanged at $125 USD.

Cranksets: That’s perfect, there are in fact two GX cranksets to take from, with SRAM adding a voice of carbon fiber palms that without a doubt raise GX’s Gucci rating by just a few points.

The GX Eagle Dub carbon fiber crankset is asserted to weigh 555-grams, or around 65-grams much less than the aluminum version, and so they designate $275 USD. SRAM says that they are made using very identical tech as you’re going to stumble on on their pricier carbon choices, and you would additionally accumulate a DUB aluminum spindle and deliver-mount chainring.

If you happen to would rating to follow steel, the aluminum version is basically the same as its predecessor, however with a worthy nicer, shinier attain that sure makes them glimpse address they designate rather more. However they don’t. They nonetheless indulge in the same $135 USD designate mark, to boot to the same 620-gram weight.

Shifter: Lastly, the GX Eagle 12-tempo shifter is additionally on the full the same as sooner than, including the aluminum scoot and Matchmaker compatibility, however it will get the same updated graphics and ‘Lunar colorway’ that the remaining of the neighborhood receives. There’s additionally a single-click e-bike version. The GX Eagle shifter nonetheless weighs 122-grams and nonetheless charges $45 USD.

Why GX Eagle Issues

If you happen so that you can add the full above collectively, the contemporary GX Eagle Growth drivetrain charges $545 USD with the aluminum cranks, which is basically the same as the old version sold for however now you’re getting a worthy nicer making an strive neighborhood that truly weighs the same. More importantly, contemporary GX offers an ideal wider gearing range; 520-percent trumps 500-percent. And endure in mind that the 10-52 Eagle Growth cassette doesn’t ought to nonetheless be all about getting the lowest that you’re going to also deem of equipment. As a replacement, you’re going to also attain the maths to review it to your contemporary cassette and install a higher chainring to take a relentless low equipment and taller excessive equipment. In other words, exercise your chainring to take a look at the Eagle cassette to your wants.

Zooming out slightly, contemporary GX is likely going to be a huge deal for SRAM. In the conventional-equipment world (the elements your bike comes stock with from the manufacturing facility), it venerable to be exhausting to search out a motorcycle that did no longer come with GX. Just neutral as we declare Shimano began to sing them with contemporary mid-diploma groupsets which indulge in performed very smartly. This contemporary GX neighborhood is SRAM’s circulation to again that market part, and the 2 companies competing against every other arrangement higher drivetrains for all of us.

GX Eagle Growth showed up supreme just a few days within the past, however cease tuned for a fats-dimension review and comparison.