This tilting dual-conceal conceal gaming pc packs liquid steel, Core i9-10980HK, and GeForce RTX 2080 Natty

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  • Asus ROG Zephyrus Duo 15 GX550

The Asus ROG Zephyrus Duo 15 GX550 is a dual-conceal conceal gaming pc that’s realized a relate or two. It has a pair of predecessors, most no longer too long in the past the HP Omen X 2S 15 and Asus ZenBook Pro from 2019. But auxiliary conceal conceal sizes possess been the limiting relate. The ZenBook Pro upped the ante with a famous better conceal conceal, for example, nonetheless it aloof lay flat, which made viewing angles a distress in the neck.

With the understand-catching—and blisteringly swiftly—ROG Zephyrus Duo 15 GX550, Asus takes the same runt-conceal conceal theory from the ZenBook Pro and makes employ of a folding mechanism to tilt the conceal conceal up about 20 degrees as you initiate the lid. That tilt every will improve visibility and lets in for a extra efficient cooling route by intention of the pc. Fairly slick. And elegant expensive ($3,699 from But being the first at your LAN celebration with a dual-thunder gaming pc ought to be price something.

This evaluation is phase of our ongoing roundup of the most efficient gaming laptops. Trip there for recordsdata on competing merchandise and the intention we tested them. 

zephyrus 8 Gordon Mah Ung

The ScreenPad Plus touchscreen tilts up about 20 degrees for more uncomplicated readability and better cooling.

ROG Zephyrus Duo 15 GX5550 Specs

The Asus ROG Zephyrus Duo 15 GX550 is about medium-sized for a gaming pc, with very few compromises in aspects. Right here are the principle points: 

CPU: Intel 10th gen 8-core Core i9-10980HK with liquid steel thermal interface cloth

GPU: Nvidia GeForce RTX 2080 Natty Max-Q

RAM: 32GB DDR4/3200 in dual-channel mode

Shows: 15.6-plod, UHD 4K 60Hz factory-calibrated 100 p.c Adobe RGB panel with pork up for G-Sync and Optimus; 13.4-plod x 7.4-plod 1920×550 contact conceal conceal.

Storage: Two 1TB Samsung PM981 NVMe M.2 in RAID 0

Networking: WiFi 6, Realtek Gigabit ethernet

Dimension: 14.1 x 10.5 x 0.8 inches. 

Weight: Asus lists the pc as 5.29 kilos, but our scale set up it nearer to 5.6 kilos, with one other 2 kilos for the 240-watt vitality brick.

The ideal formula to thunder the lovely assortment of ports is with pictures. On the left you see a real charging jack for the 240-watt vitality brick and two analog audio ports.

zephyrus left Gordon Mah Ung

The left aspect of the Zephyrus Duo is kinda naked

With the left aspect elegant naked, Asus fortuitously makes real employ of the inspire of the pc by giving you Gigabit ethernet, USB-A, and complete-size HDMI 2.0.

zephyrus back Gordon Mah Ung

Asus makes employ of the inspire of the Zephyrus Duo to provide you gigabit ethernet, USB-A and HDMI 2.0

The correct kind aspect gives you two USB-A and Thunderbolt 3. We would possibly maybe per chance per chance possess loved to peep a card reader. The true news is the Thunderbolt 3 jack helps USB Vitality Provide, so chances are high you’ll per chance per chance saunter away the paunchy 240W brick at dwelling and accurate kind employ a USB-C charger for light-responsibility initiatives.

zephyrus right Gordon Mah Ung

Factual Kind USB-A and a Thunderbolt 3 with pork up for USB Vitality Provide.

Keyboard and trackpad

The per-key RGB keyboard is sublime habitual of gaming laptops. The structure makes few compromises. As a gaming pc, the location bar is wider on the left to accommodate these that protect their fingers at coarse angles whereas gaming.

zephyrus keyboard Gordon Mah Ung

The trackpad is an offset diversity. It takes some getting historical to, but we realize because a gaming pc ought to if truth be told be historical with a mouse extra on the total than no longer. A long faucet on the simpler left nook turns on a virtual ten-key characteristic, which can per chance per chance be if truth be told helpful for somebody per chance practising for the skilled Microsoft Excel gaming scene. 

zephyrus webcam Gordon Mah Ung

On this assert chances are high you’ll per chance per chance normally peep a webcam. 

No webcam. In actuality.

Now we possess got to point out the elephant in the room: no webcam. Again. This is the second ROG pc we’ve seen with out a webcam which, considered in a Zoom video chat world, looks cherish the largest head slap this aspect of Taipei. We suspect that once this pc changed into once sketched out a year or two in the past, few conception somebody would care if the webcam went overboard. The shift to a ways off working has compelled us all to care about this worn afterthought.

zephyrus 7 Gordon Mah Ung

The ScreenPad Plus is cherish Apple’s Touch Bar, but when truth be told if truth be told helpful.


We don’t normally earn into the constructing runt print weeds of a pc, however the outlandish ROG Zephyrus Duo is famous of it. For you upgraders, chances are high you’ll per chance per chance peep in the image from Asus below two M.2 slots (every of which are populated in our RAID configuration) and a single SO-DIMM slot for memory. The second memory module fortuitously isn’t soldered in, nonetheless it’s on the various aspect of the motherboard, so any upgrades would require fundamental disassembly. These cleave-outs on the underside left and accurate kind are to fabricate situation for the tilt mechanism (extra pictures of which are below).

zephyrus guts Asus

For these that look extra closely on the image above, chances are high you’ll per chance per chance also peep the CPU, which looks a minute little bit of bit cherish a baseball self-discipline from an airplane. The grey situation that would possibly maybe per chance per chance be grass on this case is where Asus clamps a containment machine to protect the evolved liquid steel thermal interface cloth face in situation and prevent it from doubtlessly shorting out the pc.

For these that possess a look on the image of the ROG Zephyrus Duo’s cooler, below, chances are high you’ll per chance per chance peep the fence to possess the liquid steel.

zephyrus duo heatsink Asus

Why even seize that threat over long-established thermal paste? For these that suspect of the thermal interface cloth because the ketchup that mates the burger patty (CPU) with the bun (the cooler), Thermal Grizzly’s liquid steel compound is artisanal ketchup. Asus mentioned its tests repeat a pair of 10-p.c boost in cooling over broken-down thermal paste in laptops. Running cooler also manner operating quieter, and in our trip the ROG Zephyrus Duo is undoubtedly quieter than many of the 10th-gen laptops we’ve seen with this famous hardware, even when operating laborious.

Right here’s a smarter possess a look on the “feet,” which are if truth be told in depth bumps. That’s normally a real relate in a gaming pc, as air saunter along with the saunter is key to efficiency, but they’re also immense because they’re hole, to accommodate the hinge and tilt mechanisms.

zephyrus hump Gordon Mah Ung

The bumps in the underside are hole and accommodate the hinge and tilt mechanisms for the second conceal conceal.

Lest you watched the tilting mechanism will atomize, Asus emphasizes that it’s a paunchy fragment of steel, which chances are high you’ll per chance per chance peep below. It’s been designed to tilt the panel as a lot as a mounted perspective whereas letting you continue to alter the predominant thunder’s perspective.

The secondary panel itself is built of an alloy in preference to plastic to protect it rigid (the pc’s physique is a magnesium alloy). Within the kill, ought to you happen to earn your mouse or vitality cable jammed below the second conceal conceal, Asus mentioned it would seize a if truth be told in depth quantity of pressure to interrupt.

For kicks we set up the pc’s possess vitality cord below one nook and attempted to shut the lid. We stopped as we felt the cable’s resistance, and nothing broke or snapped. That doesn’t mean chances are high you’ll per chance per chance’t atomize it, nonetheless it’s no longer as soft as chances are high you’ll per chance per chance mediate.

zephyrus duo hinge Asus

Is the second conceal conceal price the effort?

All this work Asus has set up into the ROG Zephyrus Duo would be meaningless if it weren’t price the exertion to possess a second thunder. The principle thunder in our case is a 15.6-plod 60Hz 4K panel. It be factory-calibrated, G-Sync-certified, and would possibly maybe per chance per chance hit 100 p.c of Adobe RGB. It be no longer severely consuming at a measured 300 nits. Asus gives this as a compromise for these that deserve to enact negate material creation on the pc. That is stunning, but for a gaming pc, we mediate the various option would possibly maybe per chance per chance fair be better: a 300Hz 1080p thunder.

The ScreenPad Plus is where the motion is. If we wished to show screen the GPU’s thermals, the CPU’s clock tempo, or simply set up a second myth inside eyeshot, having the second panel is, effectively, as gargantuan as having it for your desktop. 

The gaming trip is no longer supreme, despite the truth that. For these that’re in a recreation and contact the second conceal conceal to alter something or scroll a window–or attain to the subsequent YouTube video–Dwelling windows adjustments focal point from the recreation, and chances are high you’ll per chance per chance must Alt-Tab to earn inspire to the recreation. It is miles a shortcoming of Dwelling windows, no longer the ROG Zephyrus Duo. To forestall that from breaking your recreation trip, Asus added a button in the Armoury Crate utility that helps you to easily disable the contact trip.

Most of our multi-show screen trip is aspect-by-aspect. The bottom-and-top configuration took some getting historical to. That would be our mousing habits despite the truth that, as we are inclined to bolt the underside border of Dwelling windows cherish a guardrail. With the head-and-bottom trip, the cursor would accurate kind saunter to the second conceal conceal, and it would seize us a pair of moments to earn all of it but again.

Asus’ Armoury Crate and various contact apps first launched with Zenbook Duo are very polished. We would possibly maybe per chance per chance assert here’s likely the most efficient multi-conceal conceal trip on a pc nowadays.

Maintain reading for efficiency benchmarks.

  • Asus ROG Zephyrus Duo 15 GX550

    The Asus ROG Zephyrus Duo 15 GX550 is a dual-conceal conceal pc that will get it accurate kind. From the sturdy tilting mechanism to the solid efficiency, it be a gargantuan equipment , despite the truth that it comes at a label.


    • A tilt-out second conceal conceal!
    • High-of-the-line efficiency


    • Very expensive thanks to the second conceal conceal
    • Puzzling efficiency on low-depth gaming