Apex Legends Update Will Let Lifeline Revive Two Teammates at Once

Apex Legends Update Will Let Lifeline Revive Two Teammates at Once

Respawn Leisure is giving Lifeline a vast buff in an upcoming patch that’ll soon enable the beef up Memoir to revive two teammates staunch away. She’ll influence this by utilizing her drone buddy, D.O.C., to revive one teammate by itself using the signature protect she already has while Lifeline herself would maybe be in a device to revive one more teammate. We bought a trace of this capability one day of the EA Play match that confirmed contaminated-play used to be coming to the game and chanced on out extra relating to the Lifeline buff from Apex Legends form director Jason McCord who responded to customers’ questions relating to the buff on Twitter.

While you missed the preliminary tease relating to the Lifeline buff, you might well maybe moreover perceive it in carry out around a minute into the video below. We perceive Lifeline drawing close a downed Bangalore sooner than tossing out D.O.C. to revive the teammate while Lifeline keeps her consideration on the enemies.

That used to be our first trace of a Lifeline buff, but it didn’t insist us precisely how this capability would work and what else might well maybe effectively be changed in Lifeline’s equipment to extra buff the Memoir or manufacture room for this substitute. We won’t know the total information till we score the patch notes for the next replace, but we influence no no longer up to understand one thing glossy relating to the buff now.

McCord responded to a person on Twitter who requested relating to the buff. The person wondered if Lifeline would be in a device to revive two downed teammates on the identical time, and McCord confirmed that used to be indeed how the buff would work.


— Jason McCord (@MonsterclipRSPN) June 19, 2020

Judging from the transient gameplay clip, it appears indulge in Lifeline would maybe be in a device to revive teammates by excellent throwing out her drone indulge in she generally would if she had been healing her allies. If a teammate is down, it’ll potentially prioritize that player to score them up first while shielding them. How that’ll work with the frequent healing mechanic it for the time being has and whether or no longer the protect will stay up while healing or most efficient one day of revives stays to be considered.


This buff will practice one more substitute made no longer capability advantage that gave Lifeline the capability to uncover extra resources in procure supply boxes. She’s no longer the only real beef up personality since you might well maybe protect into consideration Pathfinder and diversified Legends to be pretty supportive as effectively, but she is the most efficient medic-centered personality and has fallen out of favor as of late as diversified Legends bought buffs.

Witness Apex Legends’ Lifeline buff in an upcoming replace with patch notes released alongside it to point to what’s altering.

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