Apex Legends player suggests 4 simple changes to improve the game

Apex Legends player suggests 4 simple changes to improve the game

they can’t really follow fan concepts for fear of plagiarism, that hasn’t deterred players from still presenting their thoughts. 

Though, the newest round of ideas isn’t about adding a new character or a new weapon, but more focused on changing a few small things that would help pretty much every player. 


Apex players are always putting forward their own ideas.

The four quality of life changes were put forward by Reddit user zancray, with each of them being pretty useful for the majority of Apex players.

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These include having a time that shows how long Gibraltar’s Dome of Protection has left, the ability to aim down sight with a Mastiff to stop reloading, as well as the ability to toggle the precision choke hop-uo on and off. 

On top of those, the Redditor also put forward the idea of having an on-screen indication of what zoom level you’re using with a variable zoom scope when the weapon is holstered. 

Of course, while these ideas seem simple enough for Respawn to add, and fans have made it clear that they’d be useful changes, the devs do have the final say on what gets added and what misses out. 

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We’ll just have to wait and see if these ideas inspire any future changes, or if they’re just left to be remembered as a what could have been.