Anne Hathaway Posts Hilarious Devil Wears Prada Meme to Get You to Wear a Mask

Anne Hathaway Posts Hilarious Devil Wears Prada Meme to Get You to Wear a Mask

Anne Hathaway thinks carrying a cloak at some level of the area-wide coronavirus pandemic is “groundbreaking.” 

On June 17, Twitter person @AJhisnandez shared a hilarious meme remixing for dash one of many most iconic moments from The Devil Wears Prada. While you happen to major a short refresher, within the film, Hathaway plays Andrea “Andy” Sachs, a lowly assistant at Runway Magazine. Nonetheless, after Sachs gets a short makeover contributors expose to see her abilities, abilities, and more and more impeccable vogue. Which is where this unique meme is available in. Remember this scene?

Honoring the critical face-off when Andy walks into the popularity of enterprise decked out in unique Chanel, @AJhisnande shared a unique version of the mic-fall moment.

 “are you carrying the C—,” the meme begins.

“the CDC instructed face covering because we’re silent within the center of the area COVID-19 pandemic? yeah, i’m.”

The tweet rapidly won consideration, garnering more than 168,000 retweets, including one particular repost on Instagram from Anne Hathaway herself. 

“Face Masks. At some level of an outbreak. Groundbreaking,” the actress wrote within the caption.

Even supposing the unique tweet and Hathaway’s response are for dash hilarious, they each and every moreover motivate as a classy reminder to wear your damn cloak when out in public, accurate because the Center for Disease Opt watch over and Prevention recommends.

“…The virus can spread between contributors interacting in end proximity—to illustrate, talking, coughing, or sneezing—despite the incontrovertible truth that these contributors are no longer exhibiting symptoms,” the CDC explains. “In gentle of this unique evidence, CDC recommends carrying fabric face coverings in public settings where other social distancing measures are complicated to preserve (e.g., grocery stores and pharmacies) especially in areas of mighty neighborhood-essentially essentially based transmission.” 

In want of a cloak? Right here is a operating checklist of places you are going to be in a bellow to desire a face cloak online faithful now to preserve each and every you and these spherical you a tiny of bit safer. Glamour moreover has you coated within the event you are wondering if now would possibly presumably well be the faithful time to gain a haircut or toddle to the nail salon. 

Sorry, Chanel is never genuinely promoting a high-vogue cloak…yet. 

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