Android 4.4 vs. Android 10 — How Android has changed over the years

Android 4.4 vs. Android 10 — How Android has changed over the years

Android 4.4 Vs Android 10 Hero

Source: Joe Maring / Android Central

Your complete method abet in 2008, somewhat of cellular phone by the title of the T-Mobile G1 changed into launched. As many of you potentially know, it changed into the predominant publicly-on hand smartphone that changed into powered by Android.

The T-Mobile G1 shipped with Android 1.0, and over time since then, Android has passed via countless updates which earn tweaked and refined it to the purpose where we are in point of fact with Android 10 (and soon to be Android 11). The Android we earn as of late is a much state from past variations in many ways, and in others, lots of that conventional DNA peaceable holds honest.

I wished to bag a greater idea of honest how necessary Android has changed over the past few years, so I went into my drawer of conventional telephones, dug out my 2013 Moto X working Android 4.4.3, and compared it facet-by-facet with my Pixel 4 XL on Android 10.

Right here’s what’s changed (and what’s stayed the same) between these two hallmark Android variations which would be separated by seven years.

Lock show masks

Android 4.4 Vs Android 10 Hero

Source: Joe Maring / Android Central

The very first thing you study about for your Android cellular phone must you energy it on is the lock show masks, so naturally, that is arguably the completely attach to launch up our comparability.

Originally effect a query to, it doesn’t scrutinize adore too necessary has changed on this department. The lock show masks on both Android 4.4 and Android 10 reveals the time and date, your contemporary Wi-Fi and wi-fi service signals, and a battery icon. You attend from somewhat of readout of the hot climate on Google’s flavor of Android 10, nonetheless that is set it.

Android 4.4 Lock Screen

Android 10 Lock ScreenSource: Android Central

That said, there is a heavenly major incompatibility between the two that you just may maybe perhaps well no longer the truth is study about — notification give a preserve cessation to.

Getting notifications for your lock show masks is totally 1 of those core Android aspects this demonstrate day, nonetheless that is something that did no longer exist in Android 4.4 and earlier variations. You may maybe perhaps well also swipe down from the high of your show masks to envision your fleshy notification panel, nonetheless the ride wasn’t when it comes to as seamless because it is as of late.

Toughen for notifications on the lock show masks changed into added a yr later with the unlock of Android 5.0 Lollipop, nonetheless it be roughly crazy to mediate that here’s something Android lacked for as prolonged because it did.

Home show masks

Android 4.4 Vs Android 10 Hero

Source: Joe Maring / Android Central

Shifting beyond the lock show masks and diving into Android’s home show masks, here’s where things bag the truth is attention-grabbing. The core layout and characteristic of everything has remained the same — you would also customize your non-public home show masks with apps, folders, and widgets, while the app drawer is home to your complete installed gains. The finer well-known aspects, nonetheless, is where things fluctuate somewhat somewhat.

In all probability the ideal replace is the strategy in which you bag entry to your app drawer. In Android 4.4 KitKat, the app drawer changed into accessed by tapping an app drawer icon; in Android 10, you bag to the app drawer by swiping up from the bottom of your show masks. If you are here, things continue to fluctuate. You navigated via diversified pages of your apps with horizontal swipes in Android 4.4, nonetheless in Android 10, everything is on a single net page that scrolls vertically. You’re going to furthermore scrutinize that 4.4 had a fragment for your widgets, where these are in point of fact hidden within the abet of a prolonged-press for your non-public home show masks.

Alongside with those practical changes, there may maybe be furthermore the smartly-liked particular person interface and originate language that is shifted over time. Right here is something you are going to study about more of as we growth all over this comparability, nonetheless 4.4 KitKat peaceable very necessary had the Holo UI that Google presented with Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich. This intended lots of gloomy/grey backgrounds, no cohesive shape for app icons, and hundreds animated, obvious lines.

Android 10’s Material Theme is somewhat diversified by comparability, opting for hundreds white, rounded corners, and consistent icon shapes for your complete apps. I endure in tips digging how KitKat, Jelly Bean, and ICS looked abet within the day, nonetheless seeing them via 2020 lenses, there may maybe be a grunginess to it compared facet by facet with Android 10.


Android 4.4 Vs Android 10 Hero

Source: Joe Maring / Android Central

Android navigation has changed lots over the past couple of years, nonetheless for the longest time, it changed into left by myself and not using a exact enhancements or changes made to it. Android 3.0 Honeycomb presented the three-button navigation layout of Home, Lend a hand, and Recents, and that’s what persevered to be the predominant believe of navigation until Android 9 Pie.

That three-button setup is what we had on Android 4.4, and while it be somewhat diversified coming from the fully-gestural navigation of Android 10, it didn’t preserve cessation prolonged at all to refamiliarize myself with this approach of using an Android cellular phone.

Multitasking definitely feels clunkier on Android 4.4 compared with how quick Android 10’s gestures manufacture it, nonetheless pressing the Home and Lend a hand buttons feel every bit as responsive and straight forward-to-utilize because the gestures for these actions in Android 10.

I’m definitely completely joyful that now we earn made the shift to gestures in contemporary years, nonetheless it is heavenly spectacular how successfully the button navigation holds up in 2020. Right here’s a gadget that worked incredibly successfully, and it makes sense as to why Google kept it around for as prolonged because it did.


Android 4.4 Vs Android 10 Hero

Source: Joe Maring / Android Central

From both an just and practical point of gaze, Android’s multitasking menu has passed via somewhat the makeover between variations 4.4 and 10.

In Android 4.4, your contemporary apps net page is a vertical checklist of all of the apps you earn no longer too prolonged within the past opened. You bag to the net page by tapping the Recents navigation key, tap the app you adore to desire to open, and that’s all there is to it.

Android 4.4 Recents

Android 10 RecentsSource: Android Central

With completely 1 effect a query to, it be straight forward to envision that Android 10 is significantly diversified. Having access to the net page is done by doing a diminutive swipe up from the bottom of your show masks, and here, your contemporary apps are organized as necessary increased playing cards with horizontal scrolling. You furthermore bag a Google Search widget and a row of the truth is handy apps in response to your usage.

Something else that is mainly shimmering about how Android 10 handles multitasking is how necessary more uncomplicated it is to interchange between open apps. Apart from going to the fleshy multitasking net page, you would also furthermore honest swipe left and honest on the bottom of your show masks to interchange between your apps within the portray they had been last opened. It is furthermore price declaring that you just would also swipe to the honest in Android 10 to creep your complete open apps with one tap, whereas Android 4.4 doesn’t earn something adore that.

The Android 11 Beta has shown that Google is as soon as but over again re-pondering how the multitasking net page works, extra at the side of to the purpose that the firm never looks 100% joyful with it.

Notifications/Rapid settings

Android 4.4 Vs Android 10 Hero

Source: Joe Maring / Android Central

You know the strategy I talked about the originate incompatibility between Holo UI and Material Theme? One among the completely examples of here’s with Android’s notification shade and mercurial settings.

Android 4.4’s notification shade defaults to a gloomy background, and as you would also scrutinize, it doesn’t present any of the on hand mercurial settings corresponding to what you’ve gotten in Android 10. In portray to bag entry to any of your them, you’ve gotten to tap the profile icon within the high-honest nook.

If you are there, you are handled to but any other bland-looking net page of sq. icons and nothing nonetheless a gloomy, white, and grey shade palette. It is a gargantuan departure from the rounded and colourful interface Android 10 gives, now to no longer demonstrate it be furthermore lacking from a practical standpoint.

Android 4.4 Notifications

Android 4.4 Quick SettingsSource: Android Central

Android 10 Notifications

Android 10 Quick SettingsSource: Android Central

Tapping on a transient surroundings in Android 4.4. honest takes you into basically the most important settings for that item. If you happen to adore to desire to turn off Wi-Fi from mercurial settings, as an illustration, you’ve gotten to press and withhold on the icon. Right here is the sincere opposite of how Android 10 works, and perhaps it be simply because I’m feeble to it, nonetheless the implementation we now earn feels so necessary more natural — tap a toggle to at as soon as preserve watch over it, press and withhold for more alternate ideas.

Android 10 furthermore helps you to replace the layout of your complete mercurial settings, alongside with at the side of and taking out toggles as you study about match — neither of these alternate ideas are on hand in Android 4.4.

Rapid settings are no longer a form of things I actively take into legend that necessary, nonetheless using these two iterations facet-by-facet, it be spectacular how necessary they’ve improved over time. When put next with what we now earn, they roughly feel adore an afterthought in Android 4.4.


Android 4.4 Vs Android 10 Hero

Source: Joe Maring / Android Central

Diving into the fleshy settings net page, the originate variations between Android 4.4 and Android 10 are even more obvious here. It is but any other fight of dumb blue and grey colours with uninviting icons, which is an evening and day incompatibility compared with the round, multi-colored icons and stark white background of Android 10. You’re going to furthermore scrutinize that Android 10 gives us a to hand search bar, whereas Android 4.4 doesn’t earn one at all.

The core layout of the settings net page in all equity identical, though I’d argue that Android 10 does a necessary better job of grouping everything together. In Android 4.4, you’ve gotten dedicated Wi-Fi and Records Utilization pages, alongside with a separate Wireless & Networks one that is accessed by tapping the “Extra…” button — housing things adore airplane mode, VPN settings, tethering, etc. All of here’s grouped within the Network & Site in Android 10, which is a lot less confusing and helps preserve the settings menu less cluttered. Android 4.4 furthermore reveals your complete connected accounts on basically the most important settings net page, while Android 10 hides this in its Accounts net page.

Taking a scrutinize at a majority of these settings pages facet-by-facet, Android 10 does a large job at making things more uncomplicated on the eyes while furthermore at the side of necessary more controls. Expend the battery net page, as an illustration.

In Android 4.4, we study about the hot battery share, how prolonged the cellular phone’s been on, what’s been using basically the most battery, and earn a toggle for enabling Battery Saver. Android 10 provides extra files about how successfully or poorly your apps are working, how necessary estimated time you’ve gotten left sooner than desiring to price, and the Adaptive Battery characteristic that learns your usage habits to lengthen how necessary utilize you bag in between costs. Having to tap the three dots within the greater-honest nook to envision the more-detailed usage stats does feel somewhat unintuitive, nonetheless I assemble no longer mediate there may maybe be any denying how necessary better the hot layout looks.

One more fun example is alongside with your Google legend settings. Lend a hand within the day, tapping your Google legend within the settings net page completely showed your sync, search, attach, and adverts settings. For everything else, you needed to open the separate Google Settings app. Yeah, it changed into a putrid ride.

Comparatively, Android 10 has a dedicated Google fragment within the settings net page that reveals you everything connected to your Google legend.

I’d no longer crawl as some distance to advise that Android 10’s settings are ideal, nonetheless I originate mediate the strategy in which Google is grouping and organizing things makes lots more sense than it did a couple of years within the past.


Android 4.4 Vs Android 10 Hero

Source: Joe Maring / Android Central

In a world where digital privacy is constantly becoming more and more well-known, app permissions are a extremely well-known section of that conversation. There had been some distance too many tales of apps (both mountainous and diminutive) taking honest correct thing about permissions that we grant to them and abusing things adore our telephones’ cameras, microphones, attach, etc.

The past couple of Android updates earn revitalized permissions in a mountainous method, and in Android 10, they’re heavenly darn large. You’re going to be ready to bag entry to app permissions from the App Recordsdata net page on your tool’s settings, and from there, it be straight forward to envision what permissions you earn allowed to an app and which ones you earn denied.

You’re going to be ready to permit and exclaim individual permissions at any time from this net page, and looking ahead to Android 11, it be going to make stronger them even more with the capacity to permit permissions on a one-time basis for your microphone, camera, and fasten.

Seven years within the past with Android 4.4, nothing adore this existed. Apps you downloaded from the Play Retailer had been granted all permissions upon set up, and while you would also gaze these permissions from the settings net page, you may maybe perhaps well no longer the truth is revoke any of them.

Google did offer permission controls in Android 4.3 with a characteristic called “Apps Ops,” nonetheless it changed into removed in Android 4.4 over fears of it breaking app compatibility. It wasn’t until Android 6.0 Marshmallow that app permissions had been re-presented on a everlasting basis, and that changed into honest 5 years abet.

Easter egg

Android 4.4 Vs Android 10 Hero

Source: Joe Maring / Android Central

Let’s conclude this comparability on a fun demonstrate — Easter eggs!

Android 4.4’s Easter Egg is somewhat adorable. It begins off with a “Ample” in honor of its codename being Android Ample, and conserving it unearths the Android logo in all of its KitKat-themed glory. If you happen to press and withhold on that, you are then taken to a colourful net page of keen squares with all of the conventional Android version emblems — at the side of Cupcake, Donut, Eclair, Froyo, Gingerbread, Honeycomb, Ice Cream Sandwich, Jelly Bean, and (for certain) KitKat.

You’re going to be ready to tap on the diversified squares to replace their appearance, and while it be no longer an fully-fledged game corresponding to what other Android variations presented, it be peaceable lots of fun to fiddle with.

Shifting over to Android 10, there may maybe be somewhat more work enthusiastic to envision this Easter egg to its fullest attainable. It begins off with the same outdated Android 10 logo, supplying you with the capacity to press and withhold on the diversified items to rotate them as you please.

If you happen to press and withhold on the 1 until it be at the factual perspective and then attach it inner of the 0 to manufacture it scrutinize adore a Q, it will snap in attach and the background will launch as much as pass. Once that is done, press and withhold on the newly-shaped Q. Factual adore that, a puzzle will seem!

Google’s continuously done a large job at making its Easter eggs stand out, and with Android 4.4 and Android 10, there may maybe be lots of fun accessible with both implementations.

Wrapping things up

Android head logo

Source: Android Central

I assemble no longer mediate it be a secret to someone that Android gets better every yr with every update Google rolls out. Every original version of Android provides aspects and tweaks that result in a greater particular person ride, nonetheless with some updates being tamer than others, it may maybe perhaps well also honest even be refined to envision the mountainous listing of things when looking at them on a yr-to-yr basis.

Stepping abet to a version of Android that is seven years conventional and evaluating it to basically the latest on hand one, it becomes lots clearer as to only how necessary Android has changed in a somewhat quick amount of time.

Android 4.4 changed into an glorious share of tool for its time, honest adore Android 10 is large for 2020. If we scrutinize abet at Android 10 in 2027, there are certain to be things about it that scrutinize horribly outdated and unintuitive.

With that every one in tips, we would now adore to listen to from you — which form of Android originate you individually win? The Holo UI days of Android 4.4 are radically diversified from the Material Theme we for the time being earn in Android 10, nonetheless there may maybe be stuff to adore in both variations.

Whisk away your acknowledge within the pollbelow and feel free to drop your tips within the feedback fragment!

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