Android 11’s emoji library brings back the adorable turtle w/ other animal redesigns

Android 11’s emoji library brings back the adorable turtle w/ other animal redesigns

Over the years, Google has made a handful of changes to the emoji stumbled on on the Android platform, for better or for worse — #bringbacktheblobs. One sad elimination became an beautiful turtle repeat support in Android Nougat. Now, with Android 11, it’s coming support.

In the leaked Android 11 emoji establish of abode we first reported on last night, there’s a important alternate buried below. Google is reverting Android’s turtle emoji support to the one last considered in Android 7.1 Nougat. In other words, it’s bringing support the last phrase turtle emoji that’s ever existed.

The turtle emoji in Android 7.1 became an beautiful little creature that true sparked pleasure if you regarded at it. A moderately smile on its face with its little tail and legs. It takes restraint for even a grown man now not to squeal upon seeing it.

That became replaced in Android Oreo with a truly moderately a couple of turtle emoji with a smug on its face and actually now not one of many same cuteness. As considered below, Android 11’s version brings support the same beautiful impress as the one from Nougat, even when ever-so-a little bit tweaked and, by some potential, even extra beautiful. It doesn’t match completely with the comfort of Android 11’s emoji designs, however who cares — this turtle is a nationwide treasure.

Turtle emoji: Android 7.1 (left), Android 10 (center), Android 11 (factual)

In associated news, Google is furthermore bringing support the frog emoji from the blob days. Again, it’s a little bit tweaked, however worthy closer in impress to the one from 7.1 versus what’s in Android 10.

Frog emoji: Android 7.1 (left), Android 10 (center), Android 11 (factual)

This, despite the very fact that, is true an ingredient of the redesigned series of animal emojis that every person undertake this beautiful impress trend. It’s abnormal Google is making the animals moderately a couple of from the comfort of Android 11’s emoji series, however they’re so beautiful I don’t even care. Real a couple of will be considered below.

Now seriously Google, bring support the blobs. You already know you could.

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