Android 11 Beta 1 hands-on: Features, bugs, and more

Android 11 Beta 1 hands-on: Features, bugs, and more

The first Android 11 beta is here! It’s a thrilling time to be an Android person, in particular within the occasion you personal a Pixel. New precedence notifications, media playback controls, messaging app bubbles, and heaps more functions had been announced for Android 11 Beta 1.

But! Outdated to you dash inserting in Android 11 in your essential smartphone, personal in thoughts that here’s a beta. It’s no longer meant to be essentially the most stable version of Android ever made. In fact, we’ve realized a handful of bugs in this create that can even cease you from inserting in it in your Pixel instrument. Right here’s what we’ve realized out about Android 11 efficiency so some distance, as effectively as some of our thoughts on the novel Android 11 functions.

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Android 11 Beta 1: The greatest novel functions

That is impartial a diminutive of a gorgeous just a few Android 11 create. In most cases, the essential beta is the attach Google rolls out novel UI changes (if there are any) or any pretty just a few novel person-going via functions. We’re no longer getting a range of that here. Google has trickled out feature after feature within the essential four developer previews, and a range of the issues that weren’t already legitimate leaked out weeks upfront.

What I’m announcing is, there aren’t a range of surprises here, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t loads to dig into. We’ve rounded up the complete novel and indispensable Android 11 functions appropriate here, so create obvious to check that out for more granular developer-centered functions. In Android 11 Beta 1, there are a handful of indubitably indispensable tweaks that create Android feel some distance more outdated.

android 11 beta priority conversations telegram pushbullet 1

Credit: Jimmy Westenberg / Android Authority

Notifications are a expansive precedence in Android 11. Google is making considerate changes to the notification color that prioritize your most important notifications. Notifications from messaging apps now maintain their very personal half within the color at the very high, denoted by a “Conversations” header. That’s the attach you’ll inspect emails, texts, Telegram messages, and heaps others.

I acquired’t dash into too famous factor here — Eric already did that in a indubitably informative article on Android 11 notifications — but I can uncover you this can absolute self belief be a mainstay in Android going ahead. Android’s notification color has change into so cumbersome over the years, that it’ll additionally be complex to preserve out the good issues. Now, Google is striking these significant messages at the forefront of your interaction alongside with your cellular phone.

Furthermore, you would mark sure conversations as Priority, which manner these convos bypass “attain no longer disturb” mode. They’re additionally pinned to the cease of your notification color, and that person’s profile icon will pronounce up in your position bar as an various of a generic app icon. How wintry!

android 11 beta media playback controls notification shade close up pixel 3

Credit: Jimmy Westenberg / Android Authority

To further neat up the notification color, Google is additionally transferring media playback controls into the like a flash settings panel. As soon as enabled in developer alternatives, your song or podcast app will now pronounce media controls within the like a flash settings. You procure a puny, condensed playback box with a single swipe down of the like a flash settings web suppose and an expanded look for in your 2d swipe down.

I’ve been the affirm of this feature all day, and again, I devour it. As someone who listens to podcasts and song for hours a day, it’ll be so nice to continually maintain easy accessibility to those settings without unintentionally swiping away the notification. It additionally factual makes every thing scrutinize famous cleaner.

android 11 beta home control power menu

Credit: Jimmy Westenberg / Android Authority

Google additionally made gigantic changes to the manner you procure admission to trim residence controls, contactless funds, and probably instrument settings. Press and elevate the skill button and you’ll be offered with a novel web suppose, showing emergency data, energy controls (energy off/restart/lockdown mode), Google Pay cards, and trim residence controls. It now operates devour Apple’s Preserve watch over Heart on iPhones, which is incredibly famous a correct factor.

Interactions with all of those alternatives — in particular lockdown mode, Google Pay, and trim residence controls — wish to be instant and seamless, and including them to the skill menu makes it a plug. By some distance, my well-liked feature here is the skill to dark my place of job light from the skill menu. No more opening up the Google Home app and digging round.

The stuff we’ve already considered

All over again, many of the novel functions coming to Android 11 maintain already rolled out in pretty just a few developer previews. Right here are just a few gigantic functions we’ve already gotten our fingers-on in outdated Android 11 builds.

  • Native screen recording is indubitably one of many finest novel functions we hope will stick round in Android 11. In Beta 1, it’s pretty stable.
  • You now maintain easy accessibility to detailed notification historical previous, so you would instant web that message you unintentionally swiped away.
  • The overview menu (contemporary apps menu) obtained a novel abolish, total with screenshot shortcuts and an possibility to instant preserve out and half textual suppose.
  • Google additionally introduced novel permission controls. Now, there’s an possibility to grant a permission (devour blueprint) to a definite app factual one time.

The stuff I haven’t tried but

android 11 beta chat bubbles whatsapp

Credit: Jimmy Westenberg / Android Authority

Google likes to divulge a range of functions for novel versions of Android, but they don’t all pronounce up true now. In its place, the firm lays the groundwork for sure functions, allowing it to permit them in future releases. Right here are just a few functions I haven’t been in a discipline to are trying but.

finding nemo bubbles


Call me crazy, but I indubitably devour Fb Messenger’s chat heads feature. I indubitably finest watch advice from my finest family and chums via Fb, so having those conversations floating round my homescreen on a day-to-day basis is de facto pretty helpful.

Google is introducing APIs that allow messaging apps to enforce chat head-devour “Bubbles” in Android 11. Google indubitably announced Bubbles in Android 11 Developer Preview 1, and we had been in a discipline to procure the feature working aid then. Now, in Beta 1, that functionality is turned off again. Even Google’s messaging apps don’t work with it.

Technically, Android acknowledges Fb Messenger because the affirm of Bubbles, for what it’s price.

Scrolling screenshot give a boost to

Google has hinted at scrolling screenshot give a boost to for Android 11, but it’s no longer here but. Will it come with the next Android 11 beta? Your bet is as correct as ours.

A amount of APIs and developer-centered functions

New Android beta builds aren’t factual for us early adopters. That is Google’s time to introduce novel APIs and under-the-hood functions that create rising for Android famous more straightforward. Google is introducing novel Autofill APIs, a novel ADB incremental set up manner, better give a boost to for zigzag shows, scoped storage, and heaps pretty just a few updates. Many of essentially the most involving novel functions in Android 11 acquired’t be here except builders open adopting the novel APIs.

Android 11 efficiency and bugs

After the affirm of Android 11 Beta 1 for just a few hours, I’ve speed true into a handful of problems with just a few of my apps. Enabling the novel media playback controls feature, while fun, breaks a range of issues with the notification color. Multiple times I’ve tried to swipe down from my notification color, finest to scrutinize that your total OS has locked up. Locking and unlocking my cellular phone appears to be to procure issues aid to same outdated, but it’s cumbersome when it occurs loads of times within just a few minutes.

Also, while we’re on the topic of media controls: Whereas you allow the controls and play some song, the like a flash settings web suppose decreases from nine instant settings down to 6 to create room for the playback controls. Nonetheless, when song is now not any longer taking half in and the feature is peaceable enabled in at a machine level, the like a flash settings web suppose peaceable finest shows six icons. I’m no longer obvious if here’s a worm or if it’s intentional. I’m calling it a worm.

I’ve seen a range of jank and run when making an strive to swap between apps within the overview menu. The novel energy menu has additionally power closed on me more than as soon as.

It’s some distance too early for me to commentary on battery lifestyles, but as a rule of thumb, address this equivalent to you would with any pretty just a few beta. Question battery lifestyles in your cellular phone to web a success, since Android 11 isn’t optimized to its corpulent probably pretty but.

Other identified Android 11 efficiency problems

android 11 beta media playback controls notification shade quick settings pixel 3

Credit: Jimmy Westenberg / Android Authority

Those are factual the problems I came across while the affirm of the Android 11 beta. Google has outlined a handful of pretty just a few problems on its open notes web suppose, so be making an strive out for these bugs as effectively:

  • This open could perhaps maintain varied stability, battery, or efficiency problems on supported units.
  • For customers with accessibility wants, this open could perhaps no longer be acceptable for day-to-day affirm.
  • Some apps could perhaps no longer purpose as anticipated when working on this open. This involves Google’s apps as effectively as pretty just a few apps.
  • Android 11 Beta builds are no longer Compatibility Take a look at Suite (CTS) licensed, but they’ve handed preliminary making an strive out and supply a stable blueprint of prerelease APIs for builders. Apps that rely on CTS-licensed builds or affirm SafetyNet APIs could perhaps no longer work fundamentally on Android 11 Developer Preview builds.
  • Machine could perhaps shatter (reboot) while the affirm of gesture navigation to swap apps in pretty just a few orientation and while rotating the instrument at the a comparable time.
  • On Pixel 3 and 3a, customers environment up units after reset could perhaps no longer be in a discipline to set off a pSim carrier if the cellular phone is currently the affirm of an eSIM carrier.
  • Android Endeavor: For apps installed within the interior most profile, clicking Fraction> Switch to work profile incessantly launches the half menu with the Non-public tab open pretty than the Work tab. To work round this, open the Work tab manually.
  • Users could perhaps abilities an concern all the device via Android Auto projection with audio routing. When an person is linked with Android Auto within the automobile and taking half in song or the affirm of navigation, the audio will be played on the cellular phone’s speaker as an various of the automobile audio system. We maintain mounted this concern internally and this will be obtainable to you within the next Beta open.
  • In Android 11 Beta 1, the machine incorrectly enforces Bluetooth privileged permission for RemoveBond. This can even maintain an affect on pairing, unpairing, and bond reset flows for Bluetooth units, equivalent to for Neglect Gaze on Set up on OS units. This concern will be addressed in an upcoming open and RemoveBond will then purpose because it did earlier than.

Also, create obvious to are trying Google’s Spot Tracker to scrutinize if somebody else has speed into your same concern.

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Need to peaceable you set up Android 11 Beta 1?

Yes, but perhaps don’t attain so in your day-to-day driver.

My abilities has been pretty sure, and I haven’t speed into the rest too detrimental to my overall person abilities. Nonetheless, your mileage will nearly completely vary, so reside cautious and rely on to web just a few more bugs than what I reported here. Possibly elevate off except Beta 2 or 3 to set up it in your day-to-day driver.

It will also no longer maintain seemed devour it from the leaks and trickling functions for the previous few months, but Google’s imaginative and prescient for Android 11 is finally coming into focal point. Now that Google doesn’t wish to use countless releases tweaking Android’s UI, it’s finally in a discipline to set apart emphasis on what counts — interactions with family and chums, as effectively as more straightforward procure admission to to the instruments you’d like most. I’ll echo what C Scott so eloquently wrote earlier nowadays: Android 11 could appear devour a refined upgrade, and that’s k.