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Analyst Argues Apple Should Acquire DuckDuckGo Search Engine - BGKNews - Web Development & Technology News, tips-tricks & Hows-To's.
Analyst Argues Apple Should Acquire DuckDuckGo Search Engine

Analyst Argues Apple Should Acquire DuckDuckGo Search Engine

Apple ought to engage a search engine to position rigidity on Google, Bernstein analyst Toni Sacconaghi acknowledged Monday in a learn sage that turn into once shared by Barron’s.

Apple and Google don’t fragment facts on the amount of money that Google pays to be the default search engine for iOS and Siri, but Sacconaghi estimates that it’s round $7 to $8 billion per twelve months, or 30 percent of the estimated $25 billion that Google generates in ad earnings from search on Apple devices.

Google has lengthy paid Apple to prevent Apple from turning to a range of search engine alternate choices like Microsoft’s Bing, but Sacconaghi believes that Google has the upper hand in industry dealings because it could maybe perhaps decide to reside its Apple deal if it will convince 70 percent of iOS users to head to Google.com for browsing despite the truth that it’s now not the default Safari possibility.

Apple doesn’t have many decisions to Google, with its most productive leverage being a swap to Bing, so Sacconaghi means that Apple ought to collect its non-public search engine.

“Yes, Google is clearly the dominant pressure in search nowadays. Then once more, we suspect the firm’s grief of ‘rocking the boat’–which would maybe perhaps compromise $15 billion in earnings it captures nowadays from iOS–could perhaps merely in a roundabout contrivance limit its freedom of action with Apple. Conversely, Apple could perhaps merely be in a stronger web yell than first and major glance, given it controls the keys to the kingdom on who can monetize iOS search. Then once more, it remains uncomfortably dependent on Bing to act as a counterweight to Google–therefore our suggestion that Apple gather its non-public search engine.”

As for which search engine, Sacconaghi thinks that DuckDuckGo, a privateness-targeted search engine possibility, could perhaps be a correct different for Apple. Apple could perhaps, he speculates, take it for under $1 billion, giving Apple a solid backup possibility that does now not rely on Google or Microsoft.

“To be obvious, we doubt an Apple-owned DuckDuckGo could perhaps ever make money adequate to invent help the $7 billion to $8 billion a twelve months currently paid by Google. Alternatively, Apple would light likely be at an advantage than a worst-case scenario where it had no backup, and Google or Microsoft (one or the a range of) withdrew from the bidding job altogether.”

DuckDuckGo would additionally be effectively matched with Apple’s privateness values, offering iOS users a search possibility that is free from invasive ad tracking.

Sacconaghi warns that if Apple did strive to engage a search engine like DuckDuckGo, it could maybe perhaps space off regulatory oversight that will perhaps in a roundabout contrivance block the acquisition, putting Apple in a worse web yell than earlier than. DuckDuckGo is additionally reliant on Bing, so Apple must invent adjustments to be entirely free of Microsoft’s impact.

Apple beforehand identical outdated Bing for ‌Siri‌ and Spotlight on Mac and iOS, but in 2017 swapped over to Google for consistency all over iOS and Mac devices. Apple has now not been rumored to be in the hunt for to invent a search engine acquisition.