Amazon launches two new Kindle Paperwhite colors

Amazon launches two new Kindle Paperwhite colors

Amazon’s Kindle Paperwhite now comes in two fresh colors, plum and and story (by approach of The Digital Reader). Which manner the Paperwhite is now on hand in four diversified colors — when Amazon revised the Paperwhite in November 2018, that it’s most likely you’ll even ideal accumulate it in unlit, and Amazon launched “twilight blue” closing July.

If you happen to make a decision for a non-unlit Paperwhite, it’s good to always quiet know that ideal the abet of the tool will be your chosen coloration. The entrance bezels will be unlit no matter which coloration choice you consume.

Amazon’s 2018 revision to the Paperwhite introduced some nice fresh additions, along side waterproofing and crimson meat up for Audible audiobooks, which had previously been unparalleled to the Amazon’s high-extinguish Kindle Oasis. However it would private been nice to leer Amazon produce more adjustments to the Paperwhite as effectively as to launching the fresh colors.

The plum and story Kindle Paperwhite are on hand to expose now from Amazon. They starting up at at $129.99 for 8GB of storage and $159.99 for 32GB of storage.