Activision Blizzard terminates Momo’s contract

Activision Blizzard terminates Momo’s contract

Momo said in a statement. “I’m sorry for my immaturity, I’m sorry for any explicit content or graphic language I used, I’m sorry for any tasteless humour, and I’m sorry to anybody who I’ve caused offense to or who has suffered in any way as a result of my actions.”

The nature of the messages has not been publicly revealed, but several women have come forward to dispute Momo’s claim that the “generic nature of the complaints is that my messages made the recipients feel uncomfortable,” and that Momo’s actions and words were much more explicit.

Emily-Rose “Emilia” Worrall, a former Call of Duty player for the now-defunct Efficiency Team, came forward with her story about Momo. “I decided to go forward with the other group of gals in order to help them support their case,” she said on Twitter. “Momo basically said that [he] wanted to sleep with me when I was underage at the event we met at. …

“I’m sure the girls who have had MUCH MUCH worse happen to them will speak with proof very shortly. But F— letting another abuser to try to downplay what they did to OVER TEN GIRLS in this community.”

Multiple other women were critical of Momo’s alleged downplaying of the misconduct that led to his firing by the Call of Duty League.

Momo has not appeared on the CDL broadcast since Week 10 of play, which was June 19-21. His firing was effective June 30, he said in his statement.

The Call of Duty League did not immediately respond to a request for comment.