A Final Prediction On The Price Of PS5 And Xbox Series X: A Tie

A Final Prediction On The Price Of PS5 And Xbox Series X: A Tie

PS5/Series X

PS5/Sequence X

Sony/Microsoft/Paul Tassi

It is extremely abnormal that we’re about to salvage thru all of “E3 season” with out shining one key fragment of facts about the next generation of consoles, PS5 and Xbox Sequence X, when we actually know all the issues else about them at this point: the price.

But I assemble now now not demand that to final mighty longer. This looks treasure one thing that will must always be addressed in the next month or so, with out reference to Sony and Microsoft playing rooster with one one more, intrepid the opposite birthday celebration to head first.

There were many, many predictions about how that is going to head:

PS5 will strive to repeat the success of PS4’s beginning at $400, hopefully undercutting the Sequence X even though it skill shedding money.

Or Xbox Sequence X will as a substitute be $400, undercutting PS5 this time, and Microsoft is inviting to purchase the hit to steer clear of what took keep apart final generation.

Xbox Series X

Xbox Sequence X


Or both consoles can be stupidly costly, anywhere from $600-800, attributable to they are undoubtedly mini-gaming PCs with specs that must always in theory assemble them brand even greater than that.

At this point, I don’t judge any of these.

Right here’s what’s seemingly to be my final prediction (don’t preserve shut me to that) about the price of PS5 and Xbox Sequence X:


For both.

Two issues are sure to me at this point. One is that there is utterly no formula that Sony prices at $400 this time, in step with feedback Sony Interactive CEO Jim Ryan has made about “cost” while now now not necessarily being the “cheapest.” That is now now not an announcement that says $400 in anyway, and $450 is too awkward a brand point with the exception of perchance the disc-free one. But if that is so, my prediction is greater than seemingly that the disc-pressure PS5 prices $550 and the digital one prices $500.

On the Xbox Sequence X facet, with out reference to my skepticism about the existence of the Xbox Lockhart, the lower-spec secondary console Microsoft is rumored to be making, industry insiders assemble say me it’s a proper thing. So if that’s supreme, that moreover utterly guidelines out an especially low brand for the Sequence X, as it’s now now not going to be $400, already below the PS5, and include the Lockhart be priced at then, what, exactly? $300? No formula.




Nor assemble I judge that Sony and Microsoft will release $600-800 consoles during a borderline financial despair in the wake of a global pandemic. Sony will must steer clear of $600 which skill that of how badly the PS3 did at that brand. Microsoft will must steer clear of going that high for effort of repeating the Xbox One beginning if Sony does brand at $500.

So, the ideal breakdown I will be succesful to observe is:

Disc-pressure PS5: $550

Digital PS5: $500

Xbox Sequence X: $500

Xbox Lockhart: $400 (even though how mighty of a downgrade this console would be remains unclear)

I include $600 is a range-scorching brand point no one needs to touch. And I don’t think with the energy and substances that are going into the PS5 and Sequence X, they’ll moderately brand at $400 with out a huge loss, and if any console can hit that, it has to be the downgraded Lockhart.

So, there we’re. Right here is perchance going to be my final wager for a while, as I include we’ll hear the price for both of these soon enough.

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