4 new characters revealed for Kingdom Hearts Dark Road; more information coming June 10th

4 new characters revealed for Kingdom Hearts Dark Road; more information coming June 10th

In a series of tweets on the Kingdom Hearts Darkish Street Eastern and English Twitter accounts, 4 unusual characters hold been revealed. These unusual characters are Bragi, Hermod, Urd, and Vor. They had been teased in earlier art work by Tetsuya Nomura. 

Every of the unusual characters hold a reference to Nordic mythology. Continue reading below for a list of every of the connections we now hold.

First, we now hold Urd. Urd comes from one in every of the Norns in Norse Mythology.

The Norns in Norse mythology are feminine beings who rule the destiny of gods and men.

Urðr (Wyrd), Verðandi and Skuld are the three most essential of the Norns. Located on the neatly Urðarbrunnr below the Yggdrasil of Asgard, they slump threads of lifestyles, within the good purchase of marks within the pole figures and measure of us’s destinies, which presentations the fate of all human beings and gods. Norns are constantly present when reasonably one is born and attain to a choice its fate.

Hermod’s title comes from Hermóðr.

Hermóðr is the son of the all-father Odin and the Goddess Frigg. 
When Baldr used to be killed he used to be the correct one courageous ample to streak to Hel and take a look at out and elevate Baldr relieve from the dumb.

Bragi’s title comes from a God with the identical title.

Bragi is the God of both poetry and tune in Norse mythology, he is the son of the God Odin and the giantess Gunnlod. He is identified for his recordsdata he is amazingly inventive with words 
and he additionally has the most recordsdata of poems and songs. His title Bragi methodology “Poet”. Bragi has runes carved on his tongue. He is married to the beautiful Goddess of formative years Iðunn, 
and they reside together in Asgard.

And indirectly, we now hold Vor, who is in step with Vör.

In Norse mythology, Vör is a goddess associated to recordsdata.
The title methodology “conscious” or more particularly, “Info out of Darkness”.
Vör used to be acknowledged to be very reasonable as she searched out all issues so nothing used to be hidden from her. Vör additionally had the gift of Providence, and of preparing neatly for the long escape.

You would scrutinize an total arena of the persona image teasers in our gallery below:

Extra recordsdata will likely be voice on June 10th!