20 iPhone and iPad tips to become a pro: Everything to know about iOS and iPadOS 13.5

20 iPhone and iPad tips to become a pro: Everything to know about iOS and iPadOS 13.5


iOS 13 has a protracted list of functions that accumulate your iPhone or iPad so valuable extra important. 

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We’re lawful days away from observing Apple yelp iOS and iPadOS 14 at WWDC 2020, nonetheless create now no longer let that quit you from exploring and studying all you may possibly well possibly about what iOS 13 and iPadOS 13 add to your iPhone or iPad. When Apple launched iOS 13 closing September, the update came with a ton of important functions and it’s continued to add extra over the closing 9 months. It be a correct recommendation to accumulate particular you know all of them prior to Apple expands on this foundation with iOS 14 in the autumn. 

Are you the utilize of the dedicated dusky mode to your profit, or a characteristic to quit unknown callers from ever ringing your phone? How about the characteristic Apple added in March to bring trackpad and mouse relieve to iPadOS 13.4? More these days, the liberate of iOS 13.5 provided improvements to the utilize of Face ID while carrying a face hide. That shortlist would no longer even delivery to duvet functions savor iCloud folder sharing and fashioned performance boosts incorporated in every update.

Whenever you happen to are now no longer particular if your tool will recede iOS or iPadOS 13, scroll to the bottom for a entire list of compatible devices. In any other case, right here’s every little thing you’ve gotten to know about iOS 13, from getting it on your iPhone or iPad to its most productive functions. And follow CNET on June 22 when Apple pronounces what’s subsequent for iPhone with iOS 14


iOS 13 and iPadOS have unique privateness functions you’ll want to always know about. 

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Install iOS 13 as soon as you happen to have not already

Whenever you happen to’ve gotten got been holding off on updating your phone or tablet, create now no longer disaster — you will no longer must install every single iOS 13 update one after the opposite. You’re going to have the capability to update straight to basically the latest obtainable version. However prior to you update, it’s miles a correct recommendation to discover your iPhone ready to update by eradicating ragged apps and developing a original backup of your phone. Then, you are going to be OK to install iOS 13

1. Terminate unknown callers

With a single button, you may possibly well possibly successfully quit unknown callers from making your iPhone ring ever again. With the characteristic enabled, iOS 13 will most productive allow calls by from your contacts and numbers instruct in Mail or Messages. All people else, savor robocallers, will chase straight to voicemail


Unknown callers will rapidly be a thing of the past. 

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2. Sooner Wi-Fi, Bluetooth alternative

For years we have thought it would accumulate sense for there to be some formulation to join to Wi-Fi networks and Bluetooth devices from Regulate Heart, in preference to having to begin the Settings app and faucet several conditions. 

With iOS 13, Apple has lastly made it doable to scrutinize and join to obtainable networks or devices without ever opening Settings. Hallelujah. For us, this fixes one in every of the iPhone’s most anxious quirks.  

You create now no longer must be true in terms of QuickPath on iOS 13. 

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3. That swipey keyboard

Android customers were swiping on their keyboards to form for years, the utilize of diverse third-occasion apps, savor Swype and SwiftKey. Google later added swiping to its procure Gboard. At long closing, Apple has added the aptitude, letting you trace a discover to spell it out. 

Apple calls it QuickPath Typing. In view, it’s quicker than pecking away on the digital keyboard, and lawful as correct — and also you proceed to discover spelling suggestions as you chase alongside.

The characteristic is especially important for one-handed typing and is provocative to be used as rapidly as you install iOS 13. Right here is the contrivance in which to utilize QuickPath on iOS 13. And we stumbled on a workaround that allows you to cuss on the iPhone keyboard

4. Darkish mode for all

Darkish mode, which replaces the approved gentle hide with a miserable hide, is accessible all the contrivance in which by core apps in iOS 13, including the calendar, music and photo apps. 

This appears to be systemwide, nonetheless we’ll must appreciate if there are any exceptions. Darkish mode is a favored development all the contrivance in which by apps, with Android 10 adding legitimate relieve for a miserable theme too. Right here is every little thing all of us know about dusky mode for the iPhone.


Now taking half in:
Look this:

Apple’s iOS 13 turns to the dusky aspect

6: 50

5. Deleting apps is somewhat diverse

Now that Apple has fully ditched 3D Contact on the iPhone 11, the kind we delete and pass apps all the contrivance in which by the residence hide of our iPhones and iPads has modified. 

6. Photos app provides video editing instruments

The Photos app received a moderately critical overhaul. Organizing and surfacing images are both now more easy, and the edit instruments have a brand unique appreciate. However most spectacular is the capability to utilize the full image editing instruments you are accustomed to on videos in the Photos app.

Yes, which implies you may possibly well possibly apply filters, adjust brightness and even cut a video correct in the Photos app. Right here is what you’ve gotten to know about images in iOS 13.


It be correct: With iOS 13 and iPadOS you may possibly well possibly utilize a mouse to govern your phone or tablet. 

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7. iPadOS gestures

The iPad is rising into its procure computing platform, and with that comes diverse unique gestures weak to discover round apps and the homescreen. Whether or now no longer it’s opening extra than one apps or immediate switching between workspaces, now we have you covered on iPad gestures

8. Trackpad relieve for iPad

Apple added legitimate trackpad and mouse relieve to its iPad lineup with the liberate of iPadOS 13.4. The update assessments one more box in converting the tablet into an correct computer computer replacement, becoming a member of different functions savor a desktop-class Safari browser and higher multitasking.

9. Hidden functions

No doubt a few of the very best parts about the utilize of unique application is finding functions that weren’t provided. Most regularly these functions are basically the most indispensable in a critical update, and iOS 13 has its comely piece of hidden functions

10. The volume indicator gets out of the kind

Know how iOS has always had an tense volume indicator that took over the quilt, disrupting whatever it became you were observing? Smartly, on iOS 13, that is long gone. The volume indicator is minimal and gets out of the kind — there is even a cool unique trick for adjusting the quantity.

11. Custom-made fonts inside apps

Apple will serene restrict font alternative for iOS as a entire. Alternatively, the firm is opening up iOS 13 to permit customized fonts inside apps. The added flexibility is possibly an indicator that Apple is loosening its grip on controlling every aspect of the person expertise. Right here is every little thing all of us know about installing, managing and downloading customized iPhone fonts.

14 hidden iPhone functions in iOS 13 you’ve gotten to know about

Peep all images

12. Procure My Mobile phone and Procure My Friends be half of forces

Apple blended Procure My Friends and Procure My iPhone true into a single app now called Procure My and added the aptitude to relieve obtain lost devices for folks you create now no longer even know. 

Whereas you impress one in every of your Apple devices as lost, Apple will crowdsource the tool’s dwelling by asking all Apple devices to acknowledge on your tool’s Bluetooth signal. Once one more Apple tool finds your lost phone, tablet or computer, you are going to discover an alert. Apple says the free service is fully anonymous and encrypted. 

13. ‘Take a look at in with Apple’ will no longer piece your email tackle

A unique privateness characteristic called Take a look at in with Apple logs you in to accounts and apps without your having to add your email tackle, which Apple says will defend customers from third-occasion apps that are attempting to song them. 

Right here is Apple’s version of logging in with Fb and Google, with one significant exception. Those instruments would be weak to song you on-line, nonetheless Apple’s version will utilize your iPhone or iPad to authenticate your credentials in case you log in. You faucet to authenticate with Face ID without revealing any non-public info about yourself. 

You’re going to have the capability to also decide to piece or hide your email tackle, and may possibly seek info from Apple to tag a random email for the app or service that forwards to your true email tackle, thereby preserving your true identity without your needing to utilize a junk story.

Apple also blocks apps that song your dwelling from Wi-Fi and Bluetooth and allows you to make a alternative as soon as you happen to would savor apps to seek info from your permission every time they request your dwelling info.


Memoji stickers are going to be in every single place.

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14. Memoji avatars come to Messages, stickers

Apple’s Messages apps will now discover relieve for Memoji profiles, which puts a thumbnail of your Memoji (an emoji of your face) in the Messages app. Novel controls allow you to chase in-depth with customization, makeup — even adding braces to your teeth. You furthermore mght discover a sticker pack all the contrivance in which by your iOS 13 devices.

15. Messages search is valuable smarter

With iOS 13, the capability to search ragged Messages conversations has been vastly improved. You’re going to have the capability to now obtain hyperlinks, images, attachments and even text inside a message thread that is several months ragged. 

iMessages now works on twin-SIM phones, with both phone numbers assigned to your phone. You’re going to must dwelling a significant number, nonetheless you may possibly well possibly switch between numbers as you tag messages. The identical goes for FaceTime, Apple’s video calling platform. 

16. Reminders has a brand unique appreciate

Reminders seems fully unique, and it’s miles so valuable smarter. You’re going to have the capability to even instruct it to remind you about one thing the subsequent time you seek the recommendation of with a contact in Messages. 


Part ETA is a convenient formulation to let your chums know in case you are going to come. 

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17. Apple Maps improvements

There is now a Google Avenue Gaze-savor characteristic called Watch Spherical, and a brand unique characteristic that allows you to piece your ETA with a loved one so that you are going to never if truth be told feel wicked about being all true now slack again. 

18. Part music or a movie with a 2nd pair of AirPods

As an alternative of handing one in every of your AirPods to a friend or loved one so that they’ll hear what you take impress of, you may possibly well possibly now instruct your iPhone to stream audio to two pairs of AirPods thanks to Audio Sharing. And as soon as you happen to’ve gotten got weak Apple Pay to gain one thing, you are already a real at developing Audio Part


Audio Sharing capacity you create now no longer must piece earwax. 

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19. Sharing images and hyperlinks is diverse now

Everytime you faucet the Part button to piece a photograph or link, you make utilize of the iOS Part Sheet. And beginning with iOS 13, that sheet has gotten smarter. This would per chance now counsel contacts and apps to piece with. It be also reorganized true into a unique list of iPhone shortcuts and actions, which normally is a dinky confusing. 

20. Siri finds a brand unique command

Apple’s command assistant Siri gets an audio update in iOS 13. As an alternative of the clipped tones over and over connected to AI, Apple is hoping the unique Siri will sound smoother and additional pure to your ears. The utilize of a neural talk about-to-talk about network, Siri will talk about with fewer gaps and fewer inhuman-sounding modulations.

iOS 13’s Siri also works higher with AirPods ($159 at Apple), the HomePod ($299 at Apple)CarPlay and Safari:

  • You’re going to have the capability to tag customized shortcuts the utilize of a brand unique Shortcuts app.
  • Siri reads messages as rapidly as they come and also you may possibly well possibly at as soon as acknowledge.
  • You’re going to have the capability to hand off a phone name or music from your iPhone to your HomePod.
  • CarPlay: Siri colorful suggestions work right here, savor suggesting you delivery your garage door in case you discover shut to residence.
  • Siri Suggestions involves the Safari browser.

Apple Maps gets a unique unique appreciate in iOS 13 and iPadOS. 

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More app updates in iOS 13

  • Mail: Gets rich unique fonts and an technique to mute threads. 
  • Notes: A brand unique gallery scrutinize and relieve for shared folders.
  • Camera: Portrait Mode beneficial properties unique lights effects and the capability to govern the depth besides lights route.
  • CarPlay:  A thoroughly unique Apple CarPlay manufacture, with extra info on the significant hide besides “Hi there, Siri” relieve. 

Delicate improvements to iOS 13 

  • Add attachments to occasions in Calendar.
  • Time-synced lyrics for Apple Song.
  • Enhance for 3D AR apps savor Minecraft Earth
  • Face ID unlocking is now 30% quicker.
  • Apps delivery two conditions quicker.
  • Downloads are 50% smaller and updates are 60% smaller.
  • Low-info mode.
  • 38 unique language keyboards.
  • Language alternative per app.

Peep if your iPhone or iPad works with the unique OSes

Right here is the legitimate list of devices that can recede iOS 13 and iPadOS 13, now no longer including basically the most latest batch, which encompass it installed:

Devices that can relieve iOS 13, iPadOS 13

iPhone XS 12.9-lag iPad Pro
iPhone XS Max 11-lag iPad Pro
iPhone XR 10.5-lag iPad Pro
iPhone X 9.7-lag iPad Pro
iPhone 8 iPad (6th gen)
iPhone 8 Plus iPad (fifth gen)
iPhone 7 iPad Mini (fifth gen)
iPhone 7 Plus iPad Mini 4
iPhone 6S iPad Air (third gen)
iPhone 6S Plus iPad Air 2
iPhone SE (2020)
iPhone SE (2016)
iPod Contact (7th gen)