$1,000 Motorola Edge+ Experiencing Shocking Display Issues

$1,000 Motorola Edge+ Experiencing Shocking Display Issues

The Motorola Edge+ became once speculated to be a return to flagship glory for a corporation who had taken a ruin from the ultra-aggressive high-discontinuance smartphone market. The phone packed all the specs wanted to compete with Samsung, came with a beautiful make, and a $1,000 trace tag. We if truth be told the truth is cherished it in our review. Nonetheless now, as customers indulge in settled into the phone for a couple of weeks, a rising checklist are discovering extreme cloak disorders that appear to be associated to the Edge+’s wildly bent waterfall or “edge” cloak.

On the discontinuance of Would per chance per chance, an owner of the Edge+ posted to Motorola’s forums that they had been seeing red spots go onto the phone’s cloak after the exercise of the phone for prolonged sessions of time. Those spots would leave when they let the phone leisure or cool down, however with one other duration of usage, they’d return. Others acknowledged identical disorders whereas pointing out that their telephones had been experiencing a inexperienced tint apart from the edge spotting. Since that first file, the thread is now 7 pages prolonged and stuffed with surprising photos upon photos of this $1,000 phone’s cloak.

Listed below are a couple of of those photos.

Motorola Edge Display Issues

Motorola Edge Display Issues

Motorola Edge Display Issues

Motorola’s discussion board admin Matt has been in customary contact with folks in that thread who indulge in had disorders and urged per week or so ago that an incoming instrument replace might per chance fix the routine cloak spots and inexperienced tint. That instrument replace began rolling out on Verizon on the discontinuance of final week as manufacture QPB30.188-48. Its changelog mentioned digicam and roaming improvements, the June Android security patch, and “improved cloak inequity and clarity.”

That replace has now been set in on several folks’s telephones and the choice over whether or not it has mounted the difficulty is up in the air. Some who picked up the replace without prolong claimed that one and all cloak spots had been gone and the phone assist to long-established. Others, despite the incontrovertible truth that, have to not as fortunate. Edge+ house owners are tranquil getting inexperienced tints and others saw the spots strategy assist after watching a video or the exercise of the phone for prolonged sessions of time. Replacement telephones indulge in skilled the identical disorders.

Motorola’s discussion board admin weighed assist in this morning, suggesting that the “smudging” or sad spots might additionally very neatly be too developed in some cases for the instrument replace to fix the phone’s cloak. His advice is to determine the replace, watch if it helps, give it a couple of days, and if the difficulty is tranquil there then search out a alternative phone.


We’ve seen this instrument optimistic up the difficulty, however in some cases the “smudging” might additionally very neatly be too developed to be resolved in this model. We dwell judge that the instrument will optimistic up many shows and forestall it from happening on folks that haven’t had the difficulty.

We fancy all individuals who has been patient and waited for the instrument. If the difficulty persists after you indulge in up to this level and given it a day or two, please alternate the phone with Verizon.

Regards and thanks.


At this level, a form of Edge+ house owners are doubtless out of their return window, however right here is a extreme command that can indulge in to be lined by the instrument’s guarantee. We’ve reached out to Motorola for added commentary on the difficulty, what they’ll additionally very neatly be doing for those out of return windows, and if Motorola has realized what’s infamous.

For now, I’d counsel warding off the Edge+ till Motorola can expose us what’s going. This slither appears to be like to be like indulge in a extreme cloak command, and if alternative telephones aren’t any greater, staying optimistic is your handiest bet.

Cheers Brian!